Volunteering with WFTN

The Volunteer roles are:

  • Reading
  • Administrative
  • Editorial
  • Technical
  • Listener Liaison

Reading – This is a Friday evening duty. There are 3 reading teams working to a 3 week rota to cover every Friday. Each team has a co-ordinator who is responsible for allocating 4 readers for the Friday evening recording.

Administrative – This is an additional duty for the reading teams on Friday evenings. The role involves dealing with returned listener memory sticks and copying the current recording onto memory sticks to send out.

Editorial – There are 4 editors working to a 4 week rota. The chief editor allocates a member of the editorial team to research local newspapers, identify suitable copy, and present this to the Friday team of 4 readers.

Technical – There are 4 technicians working to a 4 week rota. The chief technician allocates a member of the technical team to conduct the Friday evening recordings and present master recordings for copying by admin volunteers to listener memory sticks.

Listener Liaison –┬áThere are two Liaison Officers who welcome new listeners and deal with all listener matters. This important role is the only regular interaction between WFTN and its listener base.

WFTN also produces three magazines a year and a Christmas edition. These are edited and produced by members of the above reading, editorial and technical teams.

WFTN welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds, ages and cultures, experiences, skills and interests.  Training will be provided as required. The team structure provides a cohesive environment for reliability and commitment with an enjoyable social side.

To find out more about Volunteering for WFTN call Christine Key on 07760 160470.