Now and the Future

Technology moves on and so must we. Use of tape has declined, and so we decided to embrace the new digital medium. This was our biggest change to our operation since 1980. The challenge has been considerable but after careful planning and training for the new skills, the changeover took place in May 2011

The cost has been met entirely by donations from various sources, not least  many of our loyal listeners who wished to contribute.

Our volunteers delivered, free of charge to all our listeners, the new memory stick player. This small and neat device is known as a “boombox”. Every listener was shown how to use their boombox and the memory sticks that would carry their weekly recordings. Listener acceptance has been excellent.

 And so Wyre Forest Talking Newspaper has brought its services into the 21st century.

We always welcome new volunteers. Maybe you have the skills to help us into the Future.