Who we are


The WYRE FOREST Talking Newspaper  (WFTN) is an independent registered charity (Registered Charity Number 509869) operating out of our studio in Franche, Kidderminster. The Talking Newspaper is run entirely by volunteers.

Like 500+ other local talking newspapers we are affiliated to the Talking News Federation (TNF) but retain our independence.


Overall responsibility for the proper application of the charity’s funds lies with the Trustees, of whom there are 3 at present. They delegate day-to-day management to the committee, which is elected annually by the members in accordance with the constitution. At present all officers (chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer) and committee members are volunteers or listeners.


All listeners and volunteers are automatically members of the Wyre Forest Talking Newspaper. Membership is free to listeners and volunteers. There are currently 50+ volunteers and around 200+ listeners.


Although the listeners receive the recordings free  and volunteers give their time for free there are expenses, including rent, insurance and equipment, that have to be met. We get no regular financial help from statutory bodies and rely totally on donations. Many local organisations and individuals make financial donations which have kept our service going for over 30 years.


We operate from rented rooms in Franche, Kidderminster. We have no office facilities other than in officers’ homes.