Becoming a volunteer

We always need new volunteers for the wide variety of jobs involved in producing our recordings.  All ages, men and women, are welcome. We cover a wide range of experience and skills. What we share are commitment and reliability. We are amateurs, but not amateurish.

On the job training is given for any job to which volunteers are allocated.

Editors need to be able to “blank out” 1 Thursday and a Friday evening every 4 weeks in order to make the selection of items to be recorded. They need to have a feel for life in Wyre Forest District.

We need a new editor for our editing team. The role would suit a recently retiree who would like to be involved in supporting their local community.

Please contact Eileen Tasker, Chief Editor on 01299 822360 for further details.

Technicians will have an advantage if they have an interest in and experience of sound recording at some level (maybe as a hobby), but this is not essential. Most of our current technicians started out as general volunteers and trained as technicians when a need arose. They work on average one Friday evening per month.

Most of the other volunteers work one Friday evening in 3. They need to be able do any and all of the jobs listed below.

Readers don’t need a BBC accent or style. Listeners enjoy a variety of voices and accents. They need to be able to speak clearly and be able to read a series or articles with minimal preparation.

Backroom team duties need a fair degree of organisation and method. The jobs are performed in a group of three and include emptying the returned wallets and preparing them for later dispatch, and dealing with notes from listeners.

Copying involves inserting listeners memory sticks into two special USB duplicators that transfer the master recording to the listeners sticks. Finally the copied sticks are put into the plastic wallets for dispatch to the listeners.

There is no “right type” of volunteer. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are retired, some are in employment. The only real qualifications are that you should be committed, flexible, reliable, get on with people – and be punctual

If you would like to know more about what is involved, telephone 01384 872792 . We will arrange for you to come along one Friday evening to see what is involved. Then you can decide if it’s your cup of tea (we usually have a cuppa half way through the evening) and discuss how you might fit into the organisation.